Website Design and Online Applications Development

I am currently considering working with new people on the following three projects:

Brainstorming / Keyword Research

This is a very simple job with three stages.

  1. Write down as many words as you can think of, related to a given topic.
  2. Use Google Tools to check each word in the list
  3. Use Google Search to check each word in the list

Content Writing

This involves a small amount of research and to then write articles based around given topics, with a list of specific sub-topics.

Graphics Design

A bit more varied. There are many different projects that are available, ranging from creating a template to be used for a website to creating logos, posters or small buttons to be used on a website.

Mobile Application Development

I am also on the look out for a good programmer to help me with developing Mobile Applications


If you are interested in any of the above roles, please email me at, and explain a bit about yourself, your past experiences/education, future ambitions and why you are interested in working on these projects. PLEASE NOTE: previous experience and education is not very important to these jobs - I am more interested in your personality and ability to communicate openly and honestly and if I feel we can work together then I will happily send more information and let's see where it goes.