Banner advertising space from $10/month
on Philippines-based websites!

24 January 2018

We love the Philippines!

So, we built a small network of websites with content directly relating to Philippines, to share information about the country and some Filipino traditions and beliefs. Some of the sites are in Tagalog, some in English.

We have a very targeted audience, either Filipinos living overseas or within Philippines, or foreigners with a very close connection to Philippines. We feel that our very focused audience provides a real opportunity for other organisations who are providing Philippines-related products or services.

Each website has two advertising spaces available for monthly rental: a horizontal bar across the top of the site and a rectangular space that will appear in-line within the content of each page. Each site will show these two advertisement spaces on every page for a fixed price covering the whole site. There will also be the option to rent the advertising spaces across our whole network.

Rental starts at $10 for a rectangular ad to be displayed on every page of your chosen website and goes up to $75 for exclusive rental of the banner space on every page across our entire network. Detailed pricing is below.

Pricing - exclusive (one advertiser per slot ONLY)

Unique Visitors/month Website Banner Ad Content Ad
All about Filipino mythology, every page is written in English and in Tagalog.
$30 $20
Tagalog-only site listing Filipino superstitions by category.
$15 N/A
Sales website for the game, Sungka and full description of rules and other sungka-related information.
$15 $10
Light-hearted information site explaining all about gayuma and love magic in the Philippines.
$15 $10
over 15,000 Whole network. This package includes all four of the websites above and the following sites too:
$75 $40

If you would like to rent one of the advertising spaces, please email us at and let us know about your site.

Sample layouts

The screenshots below shoe an example of where the ad slots are on the website (the big black boxes)

Traffic data for November 2017

What next?

If you would like to rent one of the advertising spaces, please email us at and let us know about your site.